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    Hubei Hengxiang technology limited company restructuring in June 2015, formerly known as Hubei Hengxiang technology Hengxiang Trade Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2003, R D, production and sales has been committed to supporting materials of HVAC system, the base is located in Hubei Economic Development Zone of Xishui province conspersa Industrial Park, known as the nine province thoroughfare (the state of the level) - Hengxiang technology has been created, always adhere to the science and techn...
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    Enterprise spirit Integrity and pragmatic cooperation and win-win Enterprise value Talent for the root of good faith for customers and win-win for the road for the soul of the brand innovation Jane Corporate vision Become a well-known domestic thermal insulation material benchmarking enterprises, and is recognized as providing high quality insulation materials company Employee welfare Provide social insurance for employees; provide staff dormitory and canteen; conduct regular health check ups; p...
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  • hotline:+86 182 1779 0767
  • TEL:+86 713-4104 396
  • FAX:+86 713 4104 555
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